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Procedure writing services

Sometimes, the result is that the information can be unclear and not fit its purpose. Creating them can also take a lot of time, especially if they need to be changed frequently. Contact us for more information. Prospective clients are often curious about how we go about writing policies and procedures. Where possible, we agree the costs upfront — to avoid any nasty surprises for you.

This means the final result will be consistent, and the work will be done efficiently. We write the first draft of the policies and procedures, using plain English principles. Plain English is a way of writing clearly, concisely and unambiguously. In addition to the writing, we also continue the work on organising the content.

This is so that is in the best structure for people to find information when they need it. Sometimes, we produce the content as online pages. In other cases, we produce the policies and procedures as Word or PDF documents. Depending on your needs, these systems can:. Creating a good policies and procedures guide usually involves identifying and meeting the needs of the different audiences. For example:. We do this by analysing the existing content. We also speak to the relevant people in your organisation, as this can help in many situations.

Need help in developing your policies and procedures? Our clients are based mostly around Europe although if you are based elsewhere, we still may be able to help. Your telephone number. Tell us a little about your situation. How would you like Cherryleaf to help you? We'd love to email you links to useful articles and news on developing content. If you would like us to add you to our newsletter, please tick below. We'll always treat your details with the utmost care, in accordance with our privacy policy.

Standardizing your procedures and clarifying expectations at every level of maintenance and operation leads to less opportunity for operator error and more consistent performance. Our Team has the templates and resources to develop new procedures and revise existing maintenance ones — while maximizing owner time and cost and schedule savings.

With the right, up-to-date procedures in place, operations are safer, smoother, and more efficient. Periodic formal review of your procedures also ensures any changes to operation are incorporated into the SOPs and reflected in daily workflow. In addition to procedure writing, our team develops preventative maintenance schedules for equipment to maximize the value and life of your investment. Trust Tormod with your operating procedures. EHS Services. Procedure Writing.


Procedure Manuals. Writing procedure manuals, as dry as they may often be, is an art. There are certain rules that you must follow in order to create an effective procedure manual. The first rule is the use of the imperative voice. It is important to speak in this voice when writing a procedure manual because it tells your audience, in an informative but authoritative way, what to do during each and every step of a given procedure.

The Purpose of an Effective Manual. A procedure manual should be written as training, rather than education. You are providing a step-by-step process for someone who is possibly unfamiliar with what is being asked of them and with little background information. You want the information that you include in a procedure manual to be vital and clear.

At The Write Direction, we have a team of skilled technical writers who know how to extract and incorporate important, essential information into procedure manuals. They are able to discern your audience and write to it in a voice that conveys authority and lays out easy-to-follow steps for completing a task, or set of tasks. A good procedure manual should:. Provide background Document the steps Separate the procedure into blocks Avoid simply writing out documentation.

The people reading your procedure manual need to be clear that the information is intended for them. If the material speaks to them using vocabulary that they understand, they will be able to digest the steps for carrying out the procedure. Our writers are skilled at putting together procedure manuals for our clients that utilize all of the above communication techniques.

No matter how complex the procedure is, our writers know what makes effective procedural documentation. We can help you provide your employees with easy-to-use manuals that help them perform tasks and do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Contact our team today and let us provide you with a procedure manual that will allow your employees to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. How to write and format a technical procedure.

Get a Quote. We deliver service of superior quality at favorable prices. Unique Content We do not use templates or outsource your writing work. We can take even the most complicated, technical process and translate it into a system that all your employees can follow. We will help you create your Standard Operating Procedure SOP to ensure consistency across your business that your clients will notice. The Writers For Hire helps many clients from vastly different industries create operational standards that serve as instructions for all employees to follow without deviation.

We help organize all those random notes — and, yes, even handwritten calculations on scraps of paper — that the key stakeholders have individually accumulated over the years of working on a specific project, process, or position. Your team at The Writers For Hire will work with you to boost your reputation with clients by establishing consistency in all your operations.

Of course, no one knows your company — or the ins and outs of your regular procedures — like you and your employees do. But we understand that your subject matter experts SMEs who know the technical side might not be the best at explaining their step-by-step process in writing. You'll work with a great team of writers, with real-world experience. No newbies here, just check out our resumes.

Equally important, you'll work with writers who understand -- really understand -- what it means to take care of our customers, make projects our own, and deliver on our promises. Remember when your English teacher introduced the idea of an introductory paragraph? She said you need to include certain information to help the reader immediately identify what your essay or story is about. And what made that lesson so memorable…. You may have even discovered the need for them when faced with a problem that resulted from not having them.

You have to admit, though, that…. I'd like to give my utmost thanks and appreciation to your team, and Wintress. The US Hemp Authority audit went very well and we passed multiple audits. Thanks to you and your team for the help, they were all excellent to work with. Special thanks to Barbara and Stephanie, they were absolutely fantastic and VERY professional, proactive and thorough throughout the engagement.

Rest assured I will remain a strong advocate of The Writers for Hire team going forward. You have been fantastic at keeping all of us on track! They delivered a spectacular product, way beyond our expectations! If you need work on a project, they are worth there weight in gold!!! To receive a no-obligation quote for your next copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, or proofreading project, fill out the form below or call To review general pricing, visit our copywriting prices page.

You have: a complex procedure for handling a certain aspect of your business. You want: a clear, concise description of the process. We Love Good Instructions! We will interview the SME or other employees directly involved in the process at hand. Standardizing data. We translate all the various information from all key stakeholders into uniform language.

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APS can assist your organization in all phases of your program. For some of our clients, we provide complete support, including analysis and development of the LOTO program, writing all LOTO procedures, and conducting training for affected employees. Our LOTO services can be scaled to provide as much or as little as required to meet your specific needs.

We believe each business is unique, and as such, your program should perfectly match your needs. We offer a variety of procedure formats, and we can use your existing templates if you desire. Most of our LOTO procedures are created in Microsoft Word, in an easily edited format that becomes the property of our client. For those clients who are interested in an electronic format , we also offer a state of the art cloud-based electronic procedure system. This system provides continuous online and offline procedure access and positive document and workflow control.

Rewriting your existing procedures to incorporate modifications to equipment and transitioning to an efficient format that is easier to use and is compliant with current regulations. Lockout-Tagout LOTO refers to specific practices and procedures to safeguard employees from the unexpected energizing or startup of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities.

Simply stated, LOTO procedures prevent accidents when your employees are operating and maintaining machines and plant equipment. We are experienced procedure writers. We follow a standard format. We bring focus and delivery. We are affordable. We deliver on time. Your team hates writing boring procedures. Your team is doing a wide variety of business activities and they are not focused.

Your team may not deliver. You have to manage the process. You'll spend your and your employees' valuable time creating them. Systemize Your Business in Months. Fast Turnaround Procedures back quickly day turn around. Standardized Standardized Procedures Easy-to-follow, tried and tested format with screenshots and clear commands.

How We Can Help. Are your days filled with stress, reactivity and fire-fighting? Find Out More Are you a business owner doing too much, with too little time? Find Out More Tired of training new team members? Find Out More Does your sales revenue decrease when you're on holiday? Find Out More Does your team hate writing procedures?

Find Out More '; document. Reasons Procedures are Important. Systems Grow Your Business. Systems Reduce Your Problems. Systems Reduce Your Costs. Number of procedures created Enter number of procedures. Hours saved per procedure Enter number of hours. To start saving, schedule a call. Book A Call Today. Transfer existing procedures into new software. Standard Procedures. Create procedures in Google Docs. Bespoke Solution. Create procedures in your software of choice. Evaluate procedures and identify efficiency improvements.

Take your Business to the next level. Are You a Stressed Business Owner? Our Clients.


Phone : Email : [email protected]. Policy Manuals. Every company requires policies and procedures, usually in the form of policy manuals. They are clearly laid out to employees so that they completely understand them, and that their performance meets regulatory standards.

Your company's policy manual is the go-to documentation that outlines how your business functions. Part of this includes the codes of conduct expected of its employees across operational divisions. Our team of technical writers include people who have exclusively dedicated themselves to putting together informative, concise, and easy-to-read policy manuals. They draft documents that will allow your employees to carry out their jobs per your organization's requirements. Having to constantly train and remind employees what is expected of them is costly and a waste of time.

Why do You Need a Policy Manual? A policy manual written by an articulate, experienced technical writer will ensure that your employees know what is expected of them. This allows all functions, at both the employee and managerial level, to be carried out according to code. Your company's policy manuals should properly communicate the regulations and functions of your company to investors, employees, creditors, and regulators.

Ask yourself the following questions. Are your policy and procedures documents easy to understand? Are objectives and issues clearly identified? Are the rights and responsibilities of employees and management difficult to discern, or ambiguously stated?

Is the tone of the content consistent throughout? Does the focus, or general message, drift? Is the documentation up-to-date? Do the documents encourage solidarity and a recognizable and translatable organizational culture? You know your business better than anybody else. But a qualified, experienced, and articulate technical writer will help you put that expertise into words. The documents will also comply with all current Process Safety Management PSM requirements, and contain all necessary sections, such as troubleshooting guides, consequence of deviation, special or unique hazards, hazard identification and remediation, safety systems, etc.

We can work within your company template, or we can design a template best fit for our purposes. If you have existing procedures that you need revised our updated, we can help with this as well. Our leading Process Plant Startup Seminar, has helped thousands of projects come on stream ahead of schedule and below budget. Join us at one of our upcoming seminars:. Home Procedure Writing.