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Top mba speech

Unfortunately, Natasha was unable to join us today. That reminds me of an important business lesson…. This is a key skill that all great companies need. As you could imagine, stress levels could run pretty high throughout the program. Deadlines, presentations……. It could drive anyone to the brink. However, Savoya was always a calming presence who always took things in stride. Perhaps working for Jeff Bezos made this seem like a walk in the park.

Besides keeping us sane, Savoya will also be in charge of logistics and be ensuring we all get free memberships to Amazon Prime. In case you are the only person on the planet to not hear, our class trip was to Israel. In addition to this important role, Yoav will also be in charge of security and international travel.

His experience in the Israeli Defense Force will keep us safe. Again, due to time constraints, I cannot get into the details, but Chris has some really strong experience selling American goods outside of the country. The profit margins were a little light, but we can work on that.

Chris also brings significant international experience during his various tours with the Navy. He can speak multiple languages and will be a key driver to our international expansion. Wayne is the ultimate teammate, and you knew you were in good hands when he was around.

Wayne is another military veteran who will represent our Company with pride and honor. No matter how bleak things got. No matter how exhausted we were….. Besides keeping morale at world-class levels, Rachel will also bring expert analyst skills to the Company. Susan has a long history of working for not-for-profit organizations who do really important work in the community.

This includes 10 years at Director of Finance the Calcutta House, supporting homeless individuals in the greater Philadelphia region. Throughout the program, you could always count on Susan to ask about your family and talk with pride about hers. Every company needs leaders who value community service and family relationships. His significant experience leading Blockchain projects at Bank of America will give us the head start we need to adapt. Now many of you may be wondering, what is Blockchain?

And neither do the Ph. Regardless, I know one thing. Colin survived being a Patriots fan amongst this group, so he can take on any challenge. Despite being the youngest of the group, Cori definitely contradicted all of the millennial stereotypes. She was clearly the most mature member of the group and is poised to do big things. Her consulting experience will serve the Company well. I would fully expect the rest of us to cash in all of our stock options, retire early and leave the Company for Cori to run.

In case you were wondering where I fit in all of this. Because if you have to change direction you want to be sure the bus driver can get you to the new destination. The Class of demonstrated these qualities brilliantly and as a result, we achieved our goals and had a lot of fun doing it. Our trip to Israel also revealed these themes. Our friends from Israel live with such a great sense of purpose, they thrive in uncertainty and are very comfortable in their own skin.

It is no surprise that they continue to beat the odds both politically and in business. We are already leaders at our Companies, in our Communities, and in our Homes. Our next big challenge is not to make ourselves better, but rather to lead those around us. I will end with a simple quote from Ronald Reagan. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.

Your Email Leave this field blank. Sites at Penn State. Words cannot describe the sense of gratitude we feel. I would like for all of you to stand for just a moment so that we can recognize you. If ever an award was truly a team effort, this is it. I also want to thank the faculty for your wisdom and guidance. And most importantly, for letting all of us share our ideas, experiences, and stories.

I hope that you all learned from us as much as we learned from you. To the Class of We did it. And boy did we do it well. In all seriousness, it is truly an honor to speak on behalf of such a great group of people. First, are you serious? What better way to describe the Class of then by building the ultimate management team. To start any business, you need vision.

That brings us to our first recruit…. Big ideas are a great start, but most of them remain ideas. So, for our next recruit, we need someone who can make an idea a reality. That leads us to Doug. To take an idea off the ground requires passion. Brian truly personifies passion.

Anyway, Brian has so much passion, that he clearly brings it home after work. So, now we have the ideas and the passion, but we need to market this Company. Ok, we now need to develop an actual product and that leads us to Russ. Russ would typically take complex situations in class and suggest a solution that just made sense.

His experience at Pfizer will pay big dividends, as product development is kind of a big deal there. With our product developed, we now need a full-blown strategy to take it to market. This may have been the easiest pick to make. With all these great people leading the way, our products are flying off the shelf and we need somebody to make the sure our employees are connected. So now things are getting a bit out of control, so we need to regain some order. Now that we are organized, we need to make sure that we are getting things are done efficiently and the right way.

All of this success will surely bring some discord. This creates the need for Chris Farrelly. Since its usually best to avoid HR, we need a strong leader to keep everyone doing their job. Also, since John builds buildings, he will also be in charge of designing all of our buildings.

Now that we have taken our business overseas, we need an international sales force. When you become a global powerhouse, you will become a target. This is where we need Wayne. No company is perfect and eventually, we will fall on tough times. Ok, we are almost finished. Now is the perfect time to reveal our ace in the hole. While the rest of the world is asleep at the wheel our Company will be ready for the next big disruptive technology….. Finally, we actually need an adult in the room to run this Company.

We need someone who can manage all of this craziness. That person would be Cori. And then encourage everyone else to find someone who was instrumental in helping them make it to graduation and tell them to thank them as well. You did well. Matter a fact, instead of just crafting your speech in the cold confines of your bedroom, why not instead go out and talk to your classmates. Looking up famous speeches online is a great way to get inspiration.

Seeing how other people have done things well in the past is a good point of reference for how you should be doing it today. Think about how long do you usually sit still for a YouTube video? Learn from that. Famous quotes are great for yearbook entries, not graduation speeches. So, put the famous quotes book away. You are the graduation speaker. People want to know what you have to say. Be original. Details make things interesting. On my first day here at school, I could barely reach my locker.

I remember thinking most of the senior football players probably were at least years-old. And sadly, I got lost trying to find Freshman English and had to ask for directions — twice. But the contents of your speech should all along be leading up to the final point of the speech — which will be the most important part. This should be the line that people remember, and that people take away from your speech. The punch can be a funny story. It can be a snappy re-cap, or a call to action.

Given the COVID pandemic, many schools have either cancelled their graduation plans, or postponed them. Others, however, have chosen to do them virtually. Whether or not that changes the rest of your speech will be up to you. Be sure your light source is in front of you or to your side.

If the light is behind you it will make you look too dark.


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Here are some business school speeches that are up there with Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement speech. While business school graduation season is over. But it happened last month at Harvard Business School when one of the some graduating MBAs stepped behind the podium and in front of the. MBA for Executives graduate Jeremy E. Deutsch '20 addresses his to wish him and his family the best of luck on his move to Switzerland.