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Gonna write a novel family guy

Stewie then sees the downside of stardom. When Peter and his father-in-law fall for an email scam there's only one way to get their money back: go to Africa. Brian goes after Meg's hot friend. Peter's love for useless apps leads him to upgrade his phone and give the old one to Chris, who gets bad texting advice. Stewie joins a tennis club. The town's drinking has gotten so out of hand the mayor raises the drinking age to Peter's mortified until realizing Brian's over 50 in dog years.

After Stewie's nightmares ruin Peter's sleep, he turns the attic into a man cave. Stewie needs Brian's over-the-top help to stop his bad dreams. Brian and Bonnie fall in love and run away together. When Meg gets sticky fingers doing community service at a retirement home, Chris wants a take.

Stewie meets some rich friends in private school. While working at the post office Lois comes across an undelivered letter from Peter to an old flame. A day at the mall has lothario Brian posing as a millionaire and Peter stranded on a train.

Peter tries to help an aging news anchor get his job back. The guys try to win Cleveland back after he starts hanging out with Jerome. Stewie goes camping with One Direction. Chris is voted homecoming king. Stewie and Brian travel to India to find Brian's latest love, a tech support worker. Joe's bingo nights are ruined when Peter becomes the bingo king. Brian and Stewie go into business together, Peter busts crime, Meg tries roller derby and Lois learns a shocking truth.

Chris gets a job managing Quagmire's romantic exploits. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian form a children's band. Chris surprises everyone by actually being good at baseball. Stewie, Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. A strike at the airport inspires Quagmire to look into a new line of work. After getting booted from Peter's health plan, Brian gets a job. The one and only James Woods offers a tongue-in-cheek, behind-the-scenes look at what goes into producing an episode of "Family Guy.

With the homecoming dance looming, Chris decides to ask a celebrity to be his date. Meanwhile, Peter experiences life as an Uber driver. Following a bat infestation, Peter and Lois decide not to vaccinate Stewie. They then convince the rest of town to do the same. After buying the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery, Carter tries to save a few bucks by using substandard ingredients, much to Peter's outrage. When the mall Santa gets drunk and can't go on, Peter steps into his suit.

Brian and Stewie crash company holiday parties. While using his friends-and-family discount to fly the guys to San Francisco, Quagmire's piloting skills are put to the ultimate test. Stewie finds an unorthodox way to get his bees to produce more honey. Peter and the guys start their own podcast. Brian moves in with Stewie after Lois worries she may have developed a dog allergy. Brian takes a liking to the perks that come with his new job as Carter's seeing-eye dog.

Peter and the guys form a string quartet. Peter and the guys try to buy the Medieval Castle restaurant, and Quagmire discovers Tinder. Stewie learns that scoliosis may not be all bad. After helping Joe solve a few crimes, Peter longs for some recognition. Stewie joins a football team after being mistaken for a girl.

Meg joins a roller derby team, despite protests from Chris. Peter takes umbrage with Lois's newest healthy food initiative. Peter decides to bring Lois when he wins two tickets to a fantasy baseball camp with the Boston Red Sox. Stewie runs away from home. Meg takes revenge on her bullies when Peter becomes her high school's new principal. Stewie and Brian's bed and breakfast takes an untoward turn. After his new girlfriend is deported to Mexico, Chris volunteers to care for her twin babies, but Lois isn't so sure it's a good idea.

While hanging out with her friends, Lois prank calls Peter and makes a shocking discovery about his past. Brian moves out of the house, Meg hits the sauce, Stewie visits the shrink and Peter does whatever it takes to nab that elusive Emmy. Annoyed with not being nominated for an Emmy, Peter aims to make his show similar to critical hits like "Modern Family" and "Transparent. Peter gives his loyal buddies the old heave-ho after becoming friends with a cool-to-the-max paramedic named Stryker Foxx.

Peter and Lois hit a few snags on their romantic getaway. Meanwhile, a new nanny watches over Stewie. A rare -- and potentially valuable -- dollar bill takes a journey around Quahog, with Chris and Carter in hot pursuit. Peter loses his job at the brewery, as depicted in the cinematic styles of three film directors: Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson and Michael Bay.

Brian is forced to move out of the Griffin house after his insensitive tweet goes viral and offends the masses. Brian develops a crush on a co-worker at the suicide hotline. Peter encourages Meg to get out of the house and go to a party, where she takes up drinking. Brian spies on a neighbor. As Christmas looms on the horizon, a grouchy and selfish Peter is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

In an effort to win the affections of Ellie the dog, Brian enters a show dog competition. Peter and Lois try to break tough news to Chris. After Brian destroys one of Stewie's toys, the two find their friendship on the skids. Peter refuses to wash his hand after meeting a mascot.

Stewie visits the school psychologist, who attempts to get his young patient to reveal some hard truths. Sherlock Holmes Stewie and Dr. Watson Brian go about solving a string of grisly murders in Victorian-era London. The game is afoot! Caught masquerading as military veterans, Peter and his pals are sentenced by a judge to join the Coast Guard during spring break. Brian convinces Stewie to school him in the ways of the stock market.

Peter hosts a special retrospective of some of the show's most politically charged -- and imaginary -- moments from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Mayhem -- and sexual confusion -- ensue when Stewie's plan to swap bodies with Brian backfires in spectacular fashion. Peter is put in charge of the brewery's social media initiatives -- a job he proves to be surprisingly good at. Quagmire struggles to live without a prized body part.

Stewie and Brian hunt for Mort, whose capture is worth a big reward. After falling into a coma, Peter has a heart-to-heart conversation with God about whether he'll be going to heaven or hell. Brian ties the knot, Chris transfers schools, Meg becomes an Olympian, Lois tries writing, Stewie makes a friend and Peter scores a sweet new gig.

Brian falls for a woman who reveals she has cancer. Eager to spend every minute together, he then pops a big question. Depressed over the state of his marriage, Brian starts to let himself go. Meanwhile, Chris takes Stewie to a party, where they're introduced to vaping. Stewie is captivated by a new pal at the playground.

Lois tricks Peter into attending a self-help seminar from Tony Robbins. Mocked by Brian for his small stature, Stewie invents a shrinking machine in hopes of teaching the family dog a lesson. Lois receives a gun for her birthday from her father -- a gift she later tries to return with unexpected results.

Stewie sets out to improve Meg's life after she rescues him from a choking incident. Chris transfers to a vocational school. Meg scores a spot on the U. Olympic team as a biathlete. Meanwhile, Stewie hits it off with figure skating champion Tara Lipinski. While Stewie and Brian turn up the charm for a wealthy heiress, Peter's lawn-mowing attire draws the attention of Mr.

Peter is picked to become the new company mascot of Pawtucket Brewery, but risks being upstaged by a surprisingly popular sidekick. After his hair turns white from hunting ghosts, Peter makes a career change. Brian offers to help Chris with dating. Peter relishes his new role as press secretary for the White House but Meg finds the adjustment to D. Another year older, Brian worries he'll never get around to writing his autobiography.

Stewie is more than happy to lend a hand. After Peter is mistakenly identified as transgender, he elects to keep up the facade with his new bosses. Stewie and Brian search high and low for a big wheel tricycle that Peter threw out. Lois helps Quagmire woo a middle-aged woman. Realizing he's out of shape, Peter decides to step up his exercise routine.

Meanwhile, Lois takes a stab at writing romantic fiction. Quagmire sets out to embrace parenting after he discovers he's the father of a high school student named Courtney. The Griffins provide special commentary for an episode of their show, sharing on-set gossip and details about their personal lives. After reading a popular book on the importance of decluttering, Lois begins to clean house, tossing out anything and everything that doesn't spark joy.

Brian is inspired to run for mayor of Quahog after successfully campaigning to rename the high school after the late Adam West. Meg becomes Internet famous and joins forces with Peter to build her brand. Brian experiences new thrills behind the wheel of a massive SUV. Peter is so stressed about getting fired from the brewery, a doctor recommends he relax aboard a yacht rock cruise.

Tired of forgetting all the fabulous ideas they come up with while drinking, Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland try recording themselves. Stewie learns his awards and medals aren't as prestigious as he thought. Also, Peter inadvertently causes a fight between Lois's parents. In a special meta episode, Fox TV brings in a focus group to critique a few possible reboots for the long-running "Family Guy" series.

Meanwhile, Lois enrolls Chris and Meg in church camp. When the Wi-Fi goes out, Peter and Lois tell their kids the story of how they met and fell in love in the s. The Griffins recount their own versions of three iconic love stories, including Helen of Troy, "Romeo and Juliet," and "Fatal Attraction. Desperate to escape spending Thanksgiving with Lois's family, Peter tries to get arrested so he can enjoy Turkey Day in jail.

Meg takes Stewie to meet Santa Claus at the mall, where things don't go as planned for either Griffin sibling. Lois gets a job teaching music at Chris and Meg's school, where she runs afoul of a moody student who seems to have it in for her. Brian inadvertently stops a robbery, becomes a local hero and reconnects with an old pal.

Also, Lois gets a new 'do, much to Peter's annoyance. Peter's all-consuming love of Van Halen's "" album has disastrous consequences when a drag race lands him in a serious accident. Many years in the future, a wealthy and successful Stewie receives word that Peter is dying and returns home to make peace with his family.

Encouraged by his pals, Peter gets a top-secret credit card in hopes of keeping Lois in the dark about his exploits. Upon hearing that his siblings were geniuses until puberty, Stewie sets out to alter his own DNA in hopes of avoiding a similar fate. Peter becomes a minor league baseball coach and accidentally starts a movement when cramps force him to kneel during the national anthem. The car's air conditioner conks out during a heatwave and Peter cannot stop sweating.

Also, Brian, Stewie and Chris orchestrate a Kickstarter scheme. Annoyed that nobody in her family seems to care when she's mistakenly reported dead, Meg decides to start a new life. Principal Shepherd is reprimanded after mocking Chris about his weight.

Also, Brian learns he's the subject of an unflattering children's book. Peter regales his family with some of the Bible's well-known tales, including the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark and the Last Supper. Call Netflix Netflix. In Seth MacFarlane's no-holds-barred animated show, buffoonish Peter Griffin and his dysfunctional family experience wacky misadventures. Creators: Seth MacFarlane. Watch all you want. Episodes Family Guy. Release year: Excellence in Broadcasting 22m.

Welcome Back Carter 22m. Halloween on Spooner Street 22m. Baby You Knock Me Out 22m. Brian Writes a Bestseller 22m. Road to the North Pole Part 1 25m. Road to the North Pole Part 2 22m. New Kidney in Town 22m. And I'm Joyce Kinney 22m. Friends of Peter G 22m. German Guy 22m. The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair 22m. Trading Places 22m. Tiegs for Two 22m. The Big Bang Theory 22m. Foreign Affairs 22m. It's a Trap 44m. Lottery Fever 22m. Seahorse Seashell Party 22m. Stewie Goes for a Drive 22m.

Back to the Pilot 22m. Thanksgiving 22m. Amish Guy 22m. Cool Hand Peter 22m. Grumpy Old Man 22m. Quagmire and Meg 22m. The Blind Side 22m. Livin' on a Prayer 22m. Burning Down the Bayit 21m. Killer Queen 22m. Forget-Me-Not 22m. Stewie 22m. Leggo My Meg-O 22m. Tea Peter 22m. Family Guy Viewer Mail 2 22m.

Internal Affairs 22m. Into Fat Air 22m. Ratings Guy 22m. The Old Man and the Big C 22m. Yug Yilmaf 22m. Joe's Revenge 22m. Lois Comes Out of Her Shell 22m. Friends Without Benefits 22m. Jesus, Mary and Jospeh! Space Cadet 22m.

Brian's Play 22m. The Giggity Wife 22m. Valentine's Day in Quahog 22m. Chris Cross 22m. Call Girl 22m. Turban Cowboy 22m. Bigfat 22m. Total Recall 22m. Save the Clam 22m. Farmer Guy 22m. Roads to Vegas 22m. No Country Club for Old Men 22m. Finders Keepers 22m. Vestigial Peter 22m. Quagmire's Quagmire 22m. A Fistful of Meg 22m. Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee 22m.

Life of Brian 22m. Into Harmony's Way 22m. Christmas Guy 22m. Peter Problems 22m. Grimm Job 22m. Brian's a Bad Father 22m. Mom's the Word 22m. Fresh Heir 22m. Secondhand Spoke 22m. Harpe the Love Sore 22m. The Most Interesting Man in the World 22m. Baby Got Black 22m. Meg Stinks! He's Bla-Ack! Chap Stewie 22m. The Simpsons Guy: Part 1 22m. The Simpsons Guy: Part 2 22m. Book of Joe 22m.

Baking Bad 22m. Brian the Closer 22m. Turkey Guys 22m. The Year-Old Virgin 22m. Our Idiot Brian 22m. This Little Piggy 22m. Quagmire's Mom 22m. Encyclopedia Griffin 22m. Stewie Is Enceinte 22m. JOLO 22m. Once Bitten 22m. Roasted Guy 22m. Fighting Irish 22m. Take My Wife 22m. Pilling Them Softly 22m. Papa Has a Rollin' Son 23m.

Guy, Robot 23m. Peternormal Activity 23m. Peter's Sister 22m. Hot Pocket-Dial 22m. Brokeback Swanson 22m. A Shot in the Dark 22m. Candy, Quahog Marshmallow 22m. The Peanut Butter Kid 22m. Scammed Yankees 22m. An App a Day 22m. Underage Peter 22m. A Lot Going on Upstairs 23m. The Heartbreak Dog 22m. Take a Letter 22m. The New Adventures of Old Tom 22m. Run, Chris, Run 22m. Road to India 22m. The Boys in the Band 22m. Brian's self-help book becomes a best-seller after Stewie becomes his manager; Lois decides that she and Peter need separate beds, leaving him to look for a new cuddle buddy.

Brian Griffin : Get over here! Stewie Griffin : [nervously] Is Is everything okay? Brian Griffin : No, everything is not okay. Can you figure out what the problem is? Stewie Griffin : [stuttering] I I don't I honestly have no Brian Griffin : How do you think I feel walking out of the back room of a restaurant and seeing Renee Zellweger eating in the front room of that restaurant? I am mortified!

Absolutely mortified! You should know better than this! Stewie Griffin : I I told them who you were when I made the reservation! Brian Griffin : Look, I have written a best-selling phenomenon! Stewie Griffin : Okay, okay, I hear you, I hear you. And I just want you to know that my only goal is to be able to help you better. And you being honest with me, well, that's helping me do that.

So thank you. Brian Griffin : Good! Stewie Griffin : Oh, Brian, are you going straight back to the hotel? Stewie Griffin : You know what, I'll just I'll take a cab. Stewie checks his wallet to find that he's out of cash]. Stewie Griffin : Oh. Well, at least it's not raining. Sign In. Family Guy. Animation Comedy. Photos Top cast Edit. Mike Henry. Alexandra Breckenridge. Chris Cox. Ralph Garman.


You know, the-the one uh, You know, the novel? You know? Maybe uh, Draw from a real life experience? Little uh, little heartbreak? Work it into the story? Make those character a little more three dimensional? Little uh, richer experience for the reader? Make those Some twists and turns? Little epilogue Everybody learns, the hero's journey, isn't always a happy one? Oh, I look forward to reading it. Stewie tells Brian that he's not unemployed, because he technically has a job, making his novel.

He pesters Brian about finishing it, because he won't be making any money off of an unfinished book. Stewie knows that Brian has done barely anything, to make this book. You know, that uh, that one you've been working on all this time?

Got to-got to-got to dedicate a lot of time to that novel you've been working on? Gotta-gotta spend some time focusing on the making a solid story Make sure everything makes sense Get rid of any plot holes or inconsistencies with the story Give the story some rewrites, maybe Summarizing the story in as few words as possible, helping the story progress as quickly as possible, without boring the reader Make sure, No yeah, you don't need a job right now.

When on the subject of movies, Stewie tells Brian that someone should really make his novel into a movie, once he's finished making it. He then pesters Brian, because of the fact that he hasn't finished his novel, meaning that a movie about it would most likely never happen. Someone made a movie out of a book. Remember that? Little story, you've got a-you've got a, good structure there? Got uh, Act 1, Act 2, Act 3?

Little uh, Got uh Something for him to learn? Maybe he's one type of person in the beginning, and then uh, he goes through some sort of transformation and then uh, in the end, he's another type of person, You know, you got a little something like that going on? Yeah, yeah you'll be do-you're doing fine. Stewie tells Brian that he never finishes anything he starts, and briefly brings up the fact that he still hasn't finished his novel. You dropped out of college, you still haven't finished your novel.

Becoming angered at Stewie once again, Brian fires him and continues on to the show's panel. While on the show, Bill Maher, along with other panelists Arianna Huffington and Dana Gould, begin to criticize Brian's book, stating that it does not meet the expectations of the public and is shallow, repetitive, and banal. Brian attempts to defend it, but ultimately confesses that he wrote the book in a day, believing that it would sell because it is "crap".

By that point Maher loses what little respect he may have had for Brian, stating that a real writer would stand by their work despite what others think. Brian urinates himself on the set, prompting Maher to chase him off the program with a newspaper. Humiliated, Brian attempts to apologize to Stewie, but ends up blaming Stewie for everything and himself for expecting too much of him. Realizing that this is going to be as good an "apology" as it would get, Stewie bluntly tells him that he can't write.

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