to write a cook book

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To write a cook book

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Most beautiful book you have ever created! Appreciating having a window into your process So inspiring and quite generous of you to share your process. I can't wait for the book to come out! Heidi--I've always admired your work since day 1. Thanks for outlining the process of beginning a cookbook in such detail. It's very inspiring. Can't wait for your next cookbook! Love these great tips and instruction on how to write a cookbook proposal.

I love the spirit of sharing! You're incredible generous to share all this, Heidi. I greatly admire your process and the results you achieve with everything you do. What a wonderful article Heidi. I wish I had done this for my first cookbook. You're inspired me now to start a similar process for my second one. Your new book looks absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for sharing this post. It is a while that I have started working on a cookbook about Persian cuisine and you gave me some great ideas. Like you I prefer to have a physical object. Working with word and Photoshop right from the beginning makes me tired. Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate all of the information here and I think it is also great to see your work in progress. So often it seems that bloggers magically get a book deal and I think it helps to know that there is a lot of work that goes into creating it and making it happen.

I enjoyed reading about the process of creating a cookbook. That is something that has never occurred to me, ha , maybe because people who order take out don't get to write cookbooks! But I think e writing process is the same and I'd love to write a book sometime.

Because everyone, I find, has a story to tell. You cleared my doubts, answered my questions, relieved my concerns in this one post. You inspire in so many ways and your simplicity in doing so is a talent that goes beyond. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you sooo much for this - it's so nice to get some REAL advice!!! Congrats on the upcoming release, too :. Wow, my heart is singing just looking at your layouts and photos! A friend of mine has published her cookbook and another one's is coming out next month but neither of them look as wonderful as yours. Thanks for putting your finger on what is a very mysterious process for most everyone!

Heidi - thank you so much for sharing this. It is so fascinating to get an insight into the journey a book takes, from the first vague ideas to the finished book itself. Having now seen a few more pages of the book itself I am even more excited for the book to arrive in my mailbox I pre-ordered it weeks ago. Your recipes are always incredibly inspiring and I love the way they seem to effortlessly blend the produce you find at the market with inspiration from near and far while making the most of what is no doubt a well-stocked pantry!

Thank you so much for sharing this process! I really am so excited for the book to come out : -Kelsey. Thank you for sharing this, Heidi, there really isn't enough information out there for bloggers trying to get a cookbook published.

With so many publishers reaching out, it's easy to get sucked into a bad deal, whether financially or artistically. It's really wonderful that you're willing to share such valuable information on a process that really isn't transparent at all! Your work has so much finesse. Such an air to it, I can't even explain it.

It feels light and rich all at the same time. This is such an amazing post. Thanks for letting us see this creative process. Skip to content I get a lot of questions related to cookbook proposals. Here's a look at my proposal process: - 1. Your email address please submit email to list. Related Recipes.

This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing, Heidi! Amanda Vuu. I can't wait for this book! What is revealed is a sweet calmness to a process that can consume. Carol A. These days, a publisher will want to know how they can sell, not just the food, but you the writer. By showing what you're about and who your target audience is, you've just made their lives easier and yourself more hireable.

Test your recipes. Twice at the very least. Use proper scales, spoon measures and an oven thermometer. Rake your finished recipe for typos, paying close attention to weights and measures. An editor can mop up errors, but they won't know if that three was meant to be a one I speak from experience here, having once signed off a magazine recipe with a vastly reduced cooking time; suffice to say there were complaints!

Many publishers don't have book recipes tested; there simply isn't the money to do that with everyone, unless the author is a famous name. It is up to you to make sure they work or you will soon gain a reputation; our climate of instant information, via blogs and Twitter, means news of a badly tested recipe will travel faster than a good one.

The trust between you and the reader is easily lost. Try not to copy and if you have "borrowed" or faithfully reported, quote your source. It's hard not to take inspiration from other sources, even unwittingly, but have respect for your fellow writers. Of course, recipes are stories and, rightly so, are recorded down through the generations and across continents, just be careful where you are claiming an "original" and always namecheck your sources.

Make notes, eat street food, be nosy; this is where the inspiration lies. Think of your intended readers and their kitchens. Are they going to be able to get hold of the ingredients? Will they have the ability, equipment and time to cook the recipe?

Will they want to buy your book? Set snobbery aside. Don't be knocked back by rejection. Perhaps the publisher just couldn't place you or market you because they have a similar book idea or even a similar author already? Go elsewhere and try again, refining your idea if need be. I was turned down first time around. A different proposal was then accepted by the publisher a couple of months later. Unless you're already a big name chef or on television, there isn't much cash to be made as a cookery book writer.

You will certainly need to add more strings to that culinary bow to pay the bills. But at least there'll be good food in the fridge. Observer Food Monthly's how to guide Food. How to write your first cookbook. Alice Hart, author of three, on what you need to do to get your cookbook published Try Alice Hart's eggs en cocotte recipe. Bestselling cookbooks: could you add yours to the pile?

Photograph: David Levene.


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How to Write a Cookbook in 9 Bite-Sized Steps. Food and Drink is one of non-fiction's hottest genres: as award-winning food stylist and editor. Knowledge is power · If you want to write cookbooks, you must read cookbooks · Test, test and test again · Talent borrows, thieves steal · Keep it. Concept: The first step of making a cookbook is to figure out what kind of cookbook this will be. · Compile recipes · Outline · Recipe development.