how to write comic books for kids

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How to write comic books for kids essay conflicts middle east

How to write comic books for kids

Who better, then, to write a post about how to write comics — with tips suitable for kids or beginners of any age! So you want to write a comic? Working in comics is a fantastic experience, and a great way to build up your visual storytelling skills. The process for making a comic usually goes like this. A writer puts together a document called a script, which uses words to describe everything that will happen in the comic, page by page.

Then an artist uses that script as a set of instructions to make the pictures. While you could fill entire books with advice about comic writing and people have! There are no real rules for how you have to lay out your script, or what you need to include. You might want to go the other extreme and write pages of description for each panel. Keeping your description clear is the most important thing, and is easy to do if you focus on one simple questions: what can we see in the panel?

Make your own rules, but make sure you keep it clear. One of the most common mistakes writers make with their first comic scripts is to include multiple actions in a panel description. A character cannot be walking over to their chair and sitting down in one image. It seems astounding at first glance, but it takes three consecutive panels to depict something as basic as a single blink.

Eyes open, eyes closed, eyes open again. Without any one of those panels, the story told by these images changes. While you create your outline, you must also consider on the format that you will be using. Decide on how the number of panels that you are going to have. For example, the popular 1-row comic strip, Garfield, has panels. Keep the sizes of your rows uniformed.

Have each of them in the same height and width, regardless of whether you are going to print your comic book or upload it online. Start sketching your ideas. As an illustrator or cartoonist, you already have the artistic talent in you. You have the option to create the illustrations for your book first and see where they will take you. You can write the script later. Whenever an idea for the script comes to mind while you are working on your visuals, write it down for later use.

However, if you prefer to write your script before you create the illustrations, you can do that too. Craft your characters wisely. One important thing to keep in mind when creating the characters for your comic book, or any book, is to make them someone that readers can relate to.

Your readers must be able to identify themselves with any of your characters — may it be in their traits, physical appearance, backstory, flaws, or any concept that you can think of. It is how your readers will get into your story. It is how you will make them feel that they are part of it.

Give them goals and dreams, and craft your story in a way that they will do everything to get what they want. Give them imperfections that will make readers sympathize with them. Give them compelling backstories or interests that will make the readers relate to them.

Have a clear plan on where your comic book is heading. Before you start your first sketch, you must identify what type of comic book would best fit your idea. Here are your options:. It is a collection of short stories — comic stories, that is. You can also make your own anthology of your best works.

It is still a comic book, but the story is longer and is often already complete when published. Graphic novels have become very popular in the recent years. Just like the Graphic Novel, it is also just one comic book that tells a finished, complete story. It has no definite end.


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Look for plot ideas in books, movies, and the internet. Not everyone can be a talented writer and artist at the same time. Start with an outline, not a script. Start sketching your ideas.