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Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. The Guide To Resume Tailoring. Craft your perfect resume by picking job responsibilities written by professional recruiters. Pick from the thousands of curated job responsibilities used by the leading companies. Tailor your resume by selecting wording that best fits for each job you apply. No need to think about design details.

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Sample case study solution

In particular, business management case studies tell the story of how your product or service helped a person or a company achieve its goals. As well as being valuable marketing tools, case studies are a good way to evaluate your product as it allows you to objectively examine how others are using it. A marketing case study is a type of marketing where you use your existing customers as an example of what your product or services can achieve. You can also create case studies of internal, successful marketing projects.

Marketing case studies are incredibly useful for showing your marketing successes. In the marketing case study examples below, a variety of designs and techniques to create impactful and effective case studies. Case studies are meant to show off your successes, so make sure you feature your positive results prominently.

Using bold and bright colors as well as contrasting shapes, large bold fonts, and simple icons is a great way to highlight your wins. In this marketing case study example, the big wins are highlighted on the second page with a bright orange color and are highlighted in circles. Making the important information stand out is especially important in marketing case studies. Using a simple layout in your case study can be incredibly effective, like in the example of a case study below.

Keeping a clean white background, and using slim lines to help separate the sections is an easy way to format your case study. Keeping the information clear helps draw attention to the important results, and it helps improve the accessibility of the design. A case study example like this would sit nicely within a larger report, with a consistent layout throughout. Let your research shine by using a monochromatic and minimalistic color palette. In this case study on Polygon Media, the design is simple and professional, and the layout allows you to follow the flow of information.

The gradient effect on the left-hand column helps break up the white background and adds an interesting visual effect. Short-term goals will be what the company or person hopes to achieve in the next few months, and long-term goals are what the company hopes to achieve in the next few years. In this case study example, the short and long-term goals are clearly distinguished by light blue boxes and placed side by side so that they are easy to compare.

Use a strong introductory paragraph to outline the overall strategy and goals before outlining the specific short-term and long-term goals to help with clarity. Using this strategy can also be handy when creating a consulting case study. When conducting any sort of research stats, facts, and figures are like gold dust aka, really valuable. Being able to quantify your findings is important to help understand the information fully.

In the sales case study blow the key data findings have been presented with icons, and stand out from the page. We can clearly understand the information and it shows that the case study has been well researched. Create a compelling case study by using emotive, persuasive and action-based language when customizing your case study template.

Using persuasive language like this helps to inspire potential customers to take action now. Not only that, but if you have a SaaS product, case studies are a great way to show how other people are effectively using your product in their business. In this case study, Network is demonstrating how their product has been used by Vortex Co. Case studies are particularly effective as a sales technique.

A sales case study is like an extended customer testimonial, not only sharing opinions of your product — but showcasing the results you helped your customer achieve. In a case study you should use icons to highlight areas of your research that are particularly interesting or relevant, like in this example of a case study:.

In the example above icons are used to represent the impressive areas of growth, and are presented in a way that grabs your attention. Help the key information stand out within your case study by using high contrast shapes and colors. Use a complementary or contrasting color, or use a shape such as a rectangle or a circle for maximum impact. This design has used dark blue rectangles to help separate the information and make it easier to read.

Coupled with icons and strong statistics, this information stands out on the page and is easily digestible and retainable. Less is often more, and this is especially true when it comes to creating designs. These simple case study examples show that smart clean designs and informative content can be an effective way to showcase your successes. In fact, they should be beautifully and professionally designed. This means the normal rules of design apply.

Use fonts, colors, and icons to create an interesting and visually appealing case study. In this case study example, we can see how multiple fonts have been used to help differentiate between the headers and content, as well as complementary colors and stand-out icons. Business and business management case studies should encompass strategic insights alongside anecdotal and qualitative findings, like in the business case study examples below.

When it comes to writing a case study, make sure you approach the company holistically and analyze everything from their social media to their sales. Think about every avenue your product or service has been of use to your case study company, and ask them about the impact this has had on their wider business goals. In this B2B case study example, we can see that the company has been thought about holistically simply by the use of icons; by combining social media icons with icons that show in-person communication we know that this is a well-researched and thorough case study.

Such writing assignments show how complexities may affect various decisions and that is what makes case studies so important. There are many ways that can help you complete the assignments easier. One of them is reading great case study examples. Reading examples will also help you to make sure you are following the correct case study format for great results. Below we have provided some examples to help you complete your assignment quickly and without much effort. Case studies are an important academic writing assignment and the purpose of writing is to provide a thorough analysis of a certain situation.

No matter how hard a case study analysis is, it must be well-written in order to figure out the solution and identify what is the problem. To learn more about writing a case study in software engineering, refer to the following examples. These good case study examples for computer science students include everything you might need for writing a compelling case study.

Here are some more QA case studies to help you learn how to discuss issues encountered by organizations and the possible solutions. The aim of writing a nursing case study is to provide a detailed analysis of an individual patient. In this type of research, you gain detailed information about the symptoms and medical history of the patient.

Nursing students usually perform this research as a part of their practicum, making it an important experience through the used research methodology. You can also look at the following medical case study examples as a reference for creating your paper.

Writing a great case study may seem an overwhelming task. Not only you have to worry about the quality of your writing but also various other sources, types, diagnoses, and theoretical approaches as well. Typically, a psychology case study focuses on an individual. But there are times when you have to examine multiple cases.

In the undergraduate study, a psychological case study commonly focuses on the character of a book or film. Psychology case studies are accepted as one of the best ways of investigating individuals with psychological abnormalities. For your help, we have compiled an interesting psychology case study examples to start the writing process easily.

Business case studies usually focus on a number of details related to the initial challenge and proposed solution. A business case study is usually written by the marketing team and can make great sales collateral. It is an effective tool used by many business schools, colleges and universities. Students are asked to write case studies to analyze different situations, proposed solutions, and make recommendations.

A perfect business case study is all about investigating a business problem and examining all the alternative solutions. In the end, it proposes the most effective solution with supporting evidence. Typically, a business case study discovers one of your customer stories and how you solved a problem for them.

It will allow your prospects to see how your solutions address their needs. You can find a variety of business case study templates and examples online that you can read for your better understanding. To help you out, we have also mentioned some business case study examples with solutions you can refer to. A marketing case study is a great way to showcase your results and convince potential customers to work with you.

It highlights your marketing efforts and walks prospects through a story of how you have helped a customer with similar problems. For writing a perfect marketing case study, here are some best practices that you should keep in mind. You can also refer to the following marketing case study examples with solutions and understand the whole concept better.

If you are looking for helpful social work case study examples, you are at the right place. We have provided you with some case study examples to understand the issues and challenges that a social worker deals with. If you have to submit a social work case study soon and you have no idea where to start.

You are not alone. Writing a great social work case study is not an easy task. To help get started, we have given some brilliant examples for you to learn how to write and structure your social work case study. As you go through the examples, take a few moments and think about what you see as the problems and issues emerging.

Hopefully, the above guide helps you to write a compelling case study.


Bitly provided a a way to consolidate data and literally link channels together to display all information on a single dashboard. The Line is an online boutique that offers shoppers a unique experience and showcases products that can be found at their brick and mortar store in NYC's Soho neighborhood. Their goal was to increase first time visitors to their site.

Taboola offers a product that drives first time users. The result? Over 72 million impressions within three months, and email subscriber growth of 12 percent. Lane Bryant, the leading retailer for women sized 14 — 28, launched a campaign designed to celebrate all women and redefine the traditional notion of sexy with a simple message — ALL women are sexy. OutBrain used media amplification to take the campaign viral, resulting in over 48,, impressions in just two weeks!

The challenge they faced was better identifying page views to determine where customers are in the buying cycle. The solution was provided by using data from Google Analytics Premium to successfully move leads through the sales funnel. HubSpot, in search of quality leads, turned to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to engage with marketing professionals in small to medium sized businesses, targeting them with ebooks, webinars, and how-to guides.

Sponsored organic content appeared in members' LinkedIn feeds. LevelEleven helped Staples focus their teams on the critical sales activities that matter. The end result? Their team developed a better understanding of the KPIs that matter and experienced a percent increase in key selling activities. Rackspace is a world leader in hybrid cloud computing with offices throughout the world. The challenge was collaborating and communicating across offices.

The approach? LifeSize created a video solution to build stronger relationships across international offices. Five years ago, the lawn care company Weed Man had an idea -- If their phone-based reps could connect with more prospects, more decisions would result, without adding sales reps. The solution? Five9 assisted Weed Man with migrating their data to the cloud. One of the better, more concise case study examples, this one page synopsis clearly defines the challenges and goals of Extent. It explores how LogMeIn provided effective solutions and produced stellar results, including a boost in staff productivity, an increase in first contact resolution rate, and an improvement in overall service.

Under mandate from the governor, the North Carolina Department of Information Technology needed to update state websites to overcome complex processes and limited technical resources. The resulting solutions from Red Hat reduced maintenance times and lowered staffing costs.

This study addresses the complexities of cloud hosted infrastructure. One element of all case study examples is to educate perspective clients about the services and products offered. This study takes a complex subject and makes it easy to understand, while clearly outlining the solutions VMWare can provide.

HPE links to additional content so readers can gain even more knowledge about the subject and the solutions HPE offers. This case study is a great example of how to break up a detailed case study for an easier read. Gravitate starts off by introducing their client, Global Expeditions Group GXG , to give visitors a little background into what they do. They then dive straight into what their role was in helping GXG with a robust content marketing strategy.

What catches your eye at the beginning of this case study is the results. Rather than forcing readers to find out the impact of their efforts at the very end, they call out some major statistics and improvements that they helped GXG achieve. It's a great way to entice readers to keep them wanting to learn just how they did it.

Gravitate did a great job breaking up their rather long case study. Since it focuses on an entire content marketing strategy, they put various parts of their case study into separate sections, from their rebranding efforts to their website design and copywriting. While this doesn't work for everyone, it really matches the vibe of IDEO's brand. This case study is short, sweet, and to the point, with the largest elements on the page being the images and a quote.

At the very top, they outline the entire case study in two small sections — the challenge and the outcome. Beyond the typical problem-solution-result structure, they took it one step further to talk about the future and what INFARM plans on doing next.

Forge and Smith effectively uses real mockups and examples from the work they did for Happy Planet to showcase their work in action. This case study is perfectly designed into multiple modules to break up chunks of text into three phases. They start off with the objectives they set in place for their website design and development work for Happy Planet, which is pretty unique for a case study.

What's great about this case study is the opportunity to view the finished website. A hyperlink isn't just hidden within the text forcing you to dig around looking for it; it's called out right then and there to let you view their finished work on the Happy Planet website. Another great feature is the option to view a previous case study or all the case studies if you're interested.

No need to locate the main page, you have direct access! CoSchedule treats their case studies as customer stories, highlighting who their customers are and how their platform was able to help them. Their case study on English Heritage is simple to view and comprehend. On the left, there is a customer spotlight on English Heritage, complete with a company logo, brief description, industry, company size, size of the marketing team, and more.

These little details help give you a better idea of who the company is. Rather than breaking up their message into the standard format, CoSchedule calls out the results that English Heritage has seen since switching to CoSchedule. Within each result, they touch on the challenge they had before CoSchedule then the lasting impact it created.

Throughout the case study, CoSchedule includes relevant screenshots and impactful quotes from English Heritage employees. This helps readers visualize what they are talking about. We couldn't not pat our own backs for recently publishing a case studies page on our website. Bluleadz often uses case study PDFs as sales collateral to send to qualified prospects.

While we used these PDF designs internally, we wanted to make sure our client success stories were available to everyone coming to our site. Our BandGrip case study really sticks out to us. We start off by introducing who BandGrip is, who they serve, and what they do. Then, we highlight the struggles they were having with getting demo sign-ups on their page.

We included relevant quotes from the CEO to show their need for a solution. We then begin to outline all the pre-show and post-show tactics that we implemented to help them tackle their challenge and earn them more demo sign ups.

Landing page screenshots and other various graphics help readers visualize what we were able to do. Toward the end of the case study, we highlight the impact of our efforts, calling out some of the major statistics. Each of these case study examples does an excellent job of outlining the challenges, solutions, and results provided. If you are building a portfolio of case studies, use these excellent examples for inspiration and format. If your leads have been falling off in the decision phase, a marketing case study may be just what you need.

Case studies are a powerful tool in your content marketing arsenal, so why not create one today? Click below to create your very own case study! Case studies are narratives that feature real-world situations or uses of products or services to demonstrate their value. A well-written case study will follow a customer as they define a problem, determine a solution, implement it, and reap the benefits.

The more to-the-point you can be in a case study, the better. Case Studies typically range from words to 1, words depending on what's getting highlighted. Typically, a case study contains an introduction, a challenge, a solution, a benefit, and a result. Case studies allow businesses to showcase how their product or service has been implemented successfully by their customers.

Baylor is an inbound specialist for Bluleadz. Quick Links. What Is It? Why They're Important 3. Case Study Length 4. Where Do I Put Them? Case Study Format 6. When you make the necessary revisions, proofread and edit your analysis before submitting the final draft. Source : Ashford University, Writing Center. Looking for other business writing resources? Contact the library. Was this helpful? Yes 86 No 7. Need personalized help?

See our schedule. Richard G. Warning: Your browser has javascript disabled. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. Need help with writing a case study analysis? See these guidelines. Toggle menu visibility. Search for answers:. Last Updated: Dec 01, Views: Preparing the Case Before you begin writing, follow these guidelines to help you prepare and understand the case study: Read and examine the case thoroughly Take notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key problems.

Focus your analysis Identify two to five key problems Why do they exist? How do they impact the organization? Who is responsible for them? Uncover possible solutions Review course readings, discussions, outside research, your experience.

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